Saturday, April 18, 2015

Sometimes We Don't Agree

As I was driving home tonight, I stopped at a light and started praying. I started praying for my family, friends, and everyone else. I then started praying for specific things and thats when it hit me. Our good friend is dying. Now youre probably thinking, woah Lauren, lets take a step back into positive town. We don't need no negative nancy here! But it's true, as much as I would love to say something else, reality is he's going to die. It finally hit me and I started crying. I asked God why? Why do you do this? Why do you take the good things away from us? First you take Mr. Quiroz, then Miss Heather, then Zach Quiroz, and now possibly Mr. Drinkward?? Why! That's when I stopped crying and remembered, this isn't the end. This is just a pit stop on our way to an amazing, eternal life! But as incredibly awesome as that is, while were stopped here we grow strong bonds with people. Bonds that when broken are hard to handle. We grow up with these people and just like that, theyre gone. Theyve been taken away from us. I sometimes get a little jealous when I think about how much fun theyre having up there. But then I get angry because theyre not down here having fun with us. Sometimes we dont agree with what God has done or is still doing, but he has our whole life figured out already. This is just a pit stop before we get to spend eternal life with some awesome people!